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How do you not lose instance snapshots or VM's after a redeployment with kolla

I have deployed openstack using kolla 5.0.0 and kolla-ansible 5.0.0 on a control node and a compute node. I am taking instance snapshots from an older openstack environment and moving them to this new environment I setup with kolla. Once I import all of my snapshots into the new openstack environment they are stored under the image page in horizon's dashboard.

I want to know how to not lose these snapshots that I spent a long time importing one by one if I were to run kolla-ansible -i multinode destroy and then redeploy?

How can I setup this new openstack environment so that if I need to redeploy I wont lose everything on all the VM's and I wont lose the snapshots?

I just want to know what options there are so I don't lose important data in my openstack environment if something breaks and I need to redeploy it?