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packstack installation fails with mysql access denied error

While installing packstack in CentOS 6.4 I am getting following error :

2014-01-28 13:40:05.135 9318 CRITICAL keystone [-] (OperationalError) (1045, "Access denied for user 'keystone_admin'@'CENT-LINUX-DT' (using password: YES)") None None

Command used to install packstack :

packstack --allinone

I tried deleting the mysql installation (as mentioned in ), clearing /var/lib/mysql and reinstalling mysql, with no effect.

If I try to login into mysql using " mysql -u keystone_admin -p" with password as mentioned in /etc/keystone.conf file login is sucessful. If I use "mysql -u keystone_admin -h IP_ADDRESS -p" login fails.

Let me know how I can resolve this issue or if more informatoin/logs is required.