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Ocata lbaasv2 problem

I am running Openstcak Ocata version on Ubuntu 16.04 and I tried to install lbaasv2 following this guide:

First of all, the guide is missing information on what packages are required to install for lbaasv2 to work. Checking some of my earlier notes I installed the following packages: neutron-lbaas-common and python-neutron-lbaas. Both are version 10.0.1. Later it came clear that neutron-lbaasv2-agent package is also required, as without it, a neutron-lbaasv2-agent init script is missing.

After installing packages and getting the proper config files second issue came up when defining service_provider. Guide instructs defining it under [service_providers] section in neutron_lbaas.conf file. When doing so, along with other config requirements, when I restarted neutron-server, the following error came up in neutron-server.log file:

ERROR [req-cb4fd821-d9c0-4cd8-9266-a0b8583d1fd2 - - - - -] No providers specified for 'LOADBALANCERV2' service, exiting

Looks like neutron_lbaas.conf file is not processed at all thus not pulling service_provider config option. If neutron-lbaasv2-agent is started with additional --config-file option pointing to neutron-lbaas.conf file, everything seems to work.

Can you pretty please properly test everything and write a correct documentation. Thank you in advance.