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Metadata service on provider's network

Hi, I am using Ocata (via TripleO), and was following this tutorial on how to allow metadata accessibility from provider network: how-to-use-meta-data-service-for-vm-with-provider-network

Two different things between my setup and the one from the link above is that my provider's network is and the physical router is at (in the link above it is at

The problem I am having is with the host routes when creating the subnet:

neutron subnet-create ext_net \
  --name infra-access \
  --allocation-pool start=,end= \
  --host-route destination=,nexthop= \
  --host-route destination=,nexthop= \
  --dns-nameserver \
  --dns-nameserver \

Subnet creates fine, I can see the two host-route definitions when I run neutron subnet-show infra-access:

| host_routes       | {"destination": "", "nexthop": ""}            |
|                   | {"destination": "", "nexthop": ""} |

However, when I check the file created for dhcp I see this:

# cat /var/lib/neutron/dhcp/b92236fd-3c8d-4566-b833-fe5d4e6a6631/opts

As you can see the route for is and not as I'd expect and as I've defined when creating the subnet.

Any ideas? Thanks