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Network interfaces with VMware & Neutron OVS

Hello, I've configured a multi-node Openstack infrastructure with a controller and two compute nodes. One of the compute node is a basic QEMU and the other one is a VMware compute node using the VMwareESXDriver. On the controller, I have configured Neutron using OpenVSwitch.

Everything works fine with a VM created on the QEMU hypervisor. But when I create a VM with cirrOS on VMware via Openstack, the network interfaces are not recognized by the OS. I can see thanks to Vsphere Client that the VM has a network adapter connected to br-int but nothing in the OS.

I'm wondering if the problem comes from OpenVSwitch. I've read in some docs that OpenVSwitch is not compatible with a VMware compute node.

However, in this doc, the problem is not raised:

Then, what's your opining? Do I have to change for NVP plugin? Is the problem somewhere else?

Thanks beforehand. Best regards, Romain.