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VMware integration with Ocata: getting InvalidDeviceSpec error from vCenter

Hello all,

we are testing the integration of Vmware 5.5 with OpenStack Ocata installed on a Devstack setup.

We have followed these guides:

And since we are using Neutron on DevStack we have configured this parameter in nova.conf:

integration_bridge = "br1663"

which is a dvPG defined on vCenter Server.

When we try to Launch an instance from a VMDK we can see that the new VM is created on the vSphere infrastructure, the disk is delivered to the datastore, but it seems that when nova tries to configure the Network then we get this error from vCenter:

Invalid configuration for device '0'. Faults: ['InvalidDeviceSpec']

tracing down the API call in the ESXi log this seems to be the exact piece of info which is causing the error (i.e. when adding the NIC to the VM configuration):

-->    deviceChange = (vim.vm.device.VirtualDeviceSpec) [
-->       (vim.vm.device.VirtualDeviceSpec) {
-->          dynamicType = <unset>,
-->          operation = "add",
-->          fileOperation = <unset>,
-->          device = (vim.vm.device.VirtualE1000) {
-->             dynamicType = <unset>,
-->             key = -47,
-->             deviceInfo = (vim.Description) null,
-->             backing = (vim.vm.device.VirtualEthernetCard.OpaqueNetworkBackingInfo) {
-->                dynamicType = <unset>,
-->                opaqueNetworkId = "br1663",
-->                opaqueNetworkType = "opaque",
-->             },
-->             connectable = (vim.vm.device.VirtualDevice.ConnectInfo) {
-->                dynamicType = <unset>,
-->                startConnected = true,
-->                allowGuestControl = true,

Any idea on what is wrong with our setup?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,