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asked 2017-07-11 10:51:30 -0500

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how l2 agent binds the ip to the vm?

I was going through the following link to understand the vm instantiation flow with respect to neutron: I have the doubt at step 9. and step 9 says "Step9: A similar RPC notification is also provided to the L2 Agent residing on the same compute node the VM was created. From now onwards this L2 agent will take over."

As per the above statement, L2 agent will get notify from neutron server about new port and L2 agent will bind this port to the newly created instance.

But in another blog I found the following diagram, which says L2 agent continuously scans about newly created instances, and when it found new instance, it will get the details from neutron. image description

Could some one please clarify, L2 agent involvement in Vm instantiation.