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rdo aio, choose in which node and block storage to lunch the instance and

Hi there,

I have two servers (each with a single NIC). I configure the rdo one the first server as AIO (all-in-ine) and added the second compute node too. I have partitioned the servers like vg0 and cinder-volumes. Everything is find with the aio node since its create the instances in the cinder-volumes vg (this is by default configuration for rdo).

Here is my question:

I want to create the instances in one of the compute node let say node02 and this I can do it with CLI openstack server create ----availability-zone nova:node02.

How I need to configure the cinder in case when I lunch the instances in the node02 to use node02 vg->cinder-volumes and when I lunch an instance on node01 to use the node01 vg->cinder-volumes.

The cinder.conf has a LVM definition for my all-in-one node (which is okay) and I have no idea how to configure the second LVM and tell it is for a second node02.

p.s. I'm very surprised for what is capable openstack :) Regards, shkumbini