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OpenStack new installation configs

Hi, I have two questions about the new installation of OpenStack. I choose openstack vanilla installation (Ocata).

When I set up the configuration files on the controller node I need to enter the controller parameter, like

[database] connection = mysql+pymysql://keystone:KEYSTONE_DBPASS@controller/keystone


openstack --os-auth-url http://controller:5000/v3...

Can I there leave this "controller" attribute or I need to enter the IP address of the controller? Or I can change "controller" to "localhost"?

My second question is, where I set up the public IP addres of the OpenStack portal (Horizon)? Can a public IP address be set up in this configuration:

keystone-manage bootstrap --bootstrap-password ADMIN_PASS --bootstrap-admin-url http://controller:35357/v3/ --bootstrap-internal-url http://controller:5000/v3/ --bootstrap-public-url http://controller:5000/v3/ --bootstrap-region-id RegionOne*

Can I in this configuration change bootstrap-public-url attrubite from "controller" to the public IP address?

Thank you!