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Issue with openstack flavor set

I am creating a new flavor viz., test.small using the command :

openstack flavor create --public test.small --ram 512 --disk 2 --vcpus 1

On launching an instance using test.small flavour and running cat /proc/cpuinfo on the instance, the number of CPUs shows to be 1 and number of cores in the CPU is also 1.

I wanted to change the number of cores in the VCPU to 4. So, I ran the command (in controller node):

openstack flavor set test.small --property hw:cpu_cores=4

To verify the change, I ran :

openstack flavor show test.small

The change reflected in the output of the above command as :

 |properties                 | hw:cpu_cores='4'          |

Then I hard-rebooted the instance and ran cat /proc/cpuinfo on it. The number of VCPU is still 1, as expected. But the number of cores still shows as 1 and NOT 4 . How to proceed?