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what is sum of ceilometer instance meter?

I am using Newton version Openstack Ceilometer without gnocchi. I query some statistics of instance meter from the Ceilometer like below, it returns all the aggregated data like avg, min, max, sum:

Statistics {u'count': 6, u'duration_start': u'2017-06-07T01:03:37.383127', u'min': 1.0, u'max': 1.0, u'duration_end': u'2017-06-07T01:53:37.086380', u'period': 0, u'groupby': {u'resource_id': u'288edd7d-bbc4-4165-bdf0-ca36837d6b2d'}, u'period_end': u'2017-06-07T01:53:37.086380', u'duration': 2999.703253, u'period_start': u'2017-06-07T01:03:37.383127', u'avg': 1.0, u'sum': 6.0, u'unit': u'instance'}

are these aggregation data correct? what does the sum means here? how does it make sense ?


different meters use different aggregation method?