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Cannot console into new created Openstack instance

I installed Openstack Mitaka using Devstack on an Ubuntu virtual machine in Virtualbox. After installation, things seemed to be alright. Then I start a new Cirros instance, and it succeeded. However, when I tried to console this instance using ip nets exec xxxxxx ssh cirros@ it returned ssh: connect to host port 22: no route to host. Result for ip nets exec xxxxxx ping is Destination Host Unreachable.

I checked the ip netsh, the result includes:



If I use ip nets exec qrouter-xxxxxx ip addr show , the result includes:,,, and another item with no ip address.

If I user ip nets exec qdhcp-xxxxxx ip addr show, the result includes:,

The instance is connected to public network as shown in Openstack Dashboard. And if I try to connect to the console in WebUI - Dashboard/Compute/Instances/xxxx/Console, there was an error shown on the page, saying:

    Error response. 
    Error code 404.Message: File not found.
    Error code explanation: 404 = Nothing matches the given URI.

So how can I console into the instances created by Openstack? Is it something to do with the network configuration?

Thank you for your answers in advance.