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(Mitaka, SR-IOV) Possible to mix Flat and VXLAN nets on same VM?

We have a setup where we have two nodes directly connected to each other via high-speed NICs, and then a normal connection to the switch. We have SR-IOV configured for the fast NICs.

What I want is to use a flat network for SR-IOV, and then a VXLAN configuration for the "management" and internet connection using the normal NIC that's connected to the switch. So right now there are two networks: flat_1 and admin_internal_net.

I've created a VM with an IP from an SR-IOV port (--nic port-id=...) and an IP from admin_internal_net (--nic net-id=...) and I can connect to the VM through the flat network, but if I add a floating ip and try to ping that it does not work and the VM does not have an internet connection. Creating a VM with only an IP from admin_internal_net can be assigned a floating ip as usual.

So my question is, should this be possible, and if it is, is there something additional that needs to be configured somewhere for these two network types to be mixed?