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Can Heat and Keystone alone be separately installed

Hi, I am a total newbie to Openstack. I want to install two components of Openstack - Heat engine and Keystone on a GNU/Linux virtual machine. Linux vm uname details - 2.6.39-400.264.5.el5uek x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux. I want to use these Openstack components to perform Azure cloud deployments from IBM Udeploy.

My questions are

  1. Is it possible to download media for Heat engine and Keystone (identity service) and install only those two (instead of installing the entire Openstack suite of tools). If yes, where to download media for GNU/Linux ?
  2. Will the linux vm need internet connection to complete the installation of the Heat and Keystone ?

Any input is highly welcome. Thanks in advance.