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ERR Error: argument "enx8cae4cfe75f2.101" is wrong: "name" too long -

Hello, I am trying to create an openstack environment using Danube x86. The OS loads to the nodes and then OpenStack starts to load and eventually on the controller I get the following errors.

2017-05-02 21:13:30 ERR Error: argument "enx8cae4cfe75f2.101" is wrong: "name" too long 2017-05-02 21:13:30 ERR Command 'ip link add link enx8cae4cfe75f2 name enx8cae4cfe75f2.101 type vlan id 101' has been failed with exit_code=255.

It appears the interface name is based on mac address and exceeds the 16 character limit when adding the vlan ID to the interface. How do I get around this problem - so my Openstack enviornment completes the deployment process?

please advise, thanks, dan