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How to specify swift endpoint after authenticating with keystone

I have an OpenStack installation behind a firewall. I have configured port forwarding for keystone and swift. Authentication to keystone works fine using the port forwarded address, however requests to the swift endpoint still fail. An inspection the request and response logs show that the requests to swift still go to the internal ip address and port. below snippet

19:04:48.990 [main] DEBUG o.o.c.t.internal.HttpExecutor - Executing Request: -> 
1 > Accept: application/json
1 > X-Auth-Token: gAAAAABY8PNuQ08uN6lXGszGcCRMBmH_ag6avAwVhRDvBciN2DQb8-9ln-CnFJx0BdmYa3JBWQ8DttgzBREeGZ-5RCQNf0CqsvvsAGZuL_qM51wdscF9VC3ofL2V-zneovLpljw3-OKnWrA-`swJRQsSo5HMaW3wzRed4cbMPvsNl39pQ2blq5x0
Exception in thread "main" ConnectionException{ Connection timed out: connect, status=0}


Is there any way that to specify the swift endpoint or send the request directly with the port-forwarded address ? I am using jcloud java api.