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Are there distance limitations in physical OpenStack architecture ?

We are getting ready to implement a very large private cloud with OpenStack. I am a hardware engineer focused exclusively on supporting the hardware of this OpenStack cloud. I was looking for documentation and / or advice related to distributed infrastructure. Our first severs for block, object.. etc. are being implemented in one data hall in a colocation site. We obviously expect to grow the cloud over time. The colocation site however cant guarantee us space in the future will be anywhere near this gear. Growth segments could be hundreds of meters away, but not more than say 300 meters in context of using multi-mode fiber with Ethernet or Fibre-Channel. Everything I have been able to read doesn't lead me to believe this will be an issue and having exact locality is not an issue. The only functions I thought could be affected would be cinder based functions as block storage can be finicky as distance increases. So the questions are

  1. Are there recommended or best practice principles around distributed pieces of the same private cloud ?
  2. If distributed are there specific settings such as a time-out value which need to be changed to accommodate this ?

Any help from the experts would be greatly appreciated. :-)