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Neutron for Dummies

I have installed Openstack Ocata on a pair of machines that each have two NICs. My local network is, and I've used that network for the management interfaces of the stack (controller is .111 and compute1 is .131).

I used option 1 from the openstack ubuntu install guide for Ocata

I can use horizon to launch vm's on the compute node, and all appears kosher therein, but I can't access these instances over the network from my workstation (or from the controller node).

I've tried making a subnet within on which to place my instances, but I don't have a deep understanding of networking so I'm looking for either a hint as to what important step I might be missing, or a howto that gets me all the way to connectivity. It's also possible that I'm missing some key piece like a programmable router. If that's the case I'd like to know that, too. TIA, Tom