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Newton Neutron DHCP-agent polls into provider network

Just a question, not a bug. Probably a misunderstanding by myself:

Following environment: Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS, Newton and Neutron with self-service networks.

We build a VXLAN for our VMs and a provider network and connected them with a router in neutron. In the external IPv4-network there is an IP-range reserved for our VMs. We're using floating IPs for the VMs to attach them to the external network and to get external IPv4-addresses for the VMs. The subnet of the provider net has a DHCP-agent with the IP-range, given to us by the network admins. Everything works fine, we have access from the provider network into the VMs. So, everything is ok until now.

Now, our network admins told me, that there is a "new" machine, which is 'polling' regarding DHCP requests on their network. I have to disable this machine, service or functionality...

Is it possible to configure the DHCP-agent on the external subnet without doing something onto the external network? I expected that the DHCP-agent won't do that. Probably I'm totally wrong...

Any ideas or suggestions would be kindful. THX