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Can Neutron help me?

Hi everyone, I need some help finding out what is possible and what isn't. Here is what I need: I have to work with VMware ESXi 5.5 as the hypervisor, BUT have no vCenter and not Nicira NVP available (VMwareESXDriver). I must be able to create isolated networks per project, but need overlapping subnets (not withing the same project / tenant, though). So far I was pretty happy running nova-network with VlanManager but had to find out that apparently the overlapping subnets are not going to work (see my other question). What I want in this posting is to find out if what I need is possible using Neutron. I started reading the Cloud Administrator Guide Chapter 7 (Networking) and read confusing things: I can see from the plugin compatibility matrix on page 125 that with VMwae only Nicira NVP and Plumgrid are supported. Then on page 159 I read about ML2 supporting vlan isolation, which is all I need in my set up. But its not supported with VMware.

Is that the end of the story? Are there any ideas on how to achive what I need? I was hoping Neutron provides the same possiblities as nova-network but with the overlapping ip ranges on top of it. Apparently not?!