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Configuration Neutron self service with linuxbridge + vxlan

Hey all,

I have some questions about neutron implementation. So,


  • OS: CentOS 7

  • OpenStack: Mitaka


  • controller: keystone, nova, neutron, horizon

  • computer: nova, neutron


I started the implementation following the official documentation, but I'm kind of lost regarding the network settings of the interfaces. I started by following the following links:


  • controller: eth0 (private IP) - eth0:1 (public IP) - eth1 (??)
  • computer: eth0 (private IP) - eth0:1 (public IP) - eth1 (??)

My question is: how should I configure the network interfaces to work with the scenario I mentioned above? And what is the recommended configuration for using two interfaces with OVS? Or don't need to use OVS? I do not know how to configure the eth1 interface and I do not know the configuration that I should use in OVS. In the documentation does not say very well how to do this.

I found this link but I do not know if this can help with my doubts. If you need me to clarify some other point or post some configuration files, I am at disposal.

Thank you very much for your help. Thank you from the heart!