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What are the units of Ceilometer meters

Hello,I need to calculate meter proportion of resources for my school machine learning project. I am trying to find the ratio of the system resource usage and in order to do that I have been examining the meters of Ceilometer, for example these are the command samples that I use : "ceilometer statistics --meter cpu_util --query 'resource_id=48511431-89fc-4ff4-9172-2073acf51e4d;timestamp>2016-03-14T00:00:00;timestamp<=2017-03-15T00:00:00'"

"ceilometer statistics --meter disk.usage", "ceilometer statistics --meter memory.resident"

the result that I get for CPU is min = 0.15 avg=0.5 max=1.7 etc. but what are they used for ?What are their units ? Should we say max is maximum CPU power that instance can use or is it maximum usage among that period ? How can I calculate the rate of memory,cpu,disk and bandwith usage for every day? Would assuming max is %100 for a spesific instance be true? Or should I say for example it achieved maximum 1.7 CPU power but its real max power is different? If so where can I find that ?