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devstack and physical network configurations


I'm a newbie of OpenStack and I did not have many experiences on network configurations with physical servers.

I'm going to prepare 2-node (1 controller embedding network node, 1 compute node on each server) openstack deployment through devstack.

I attached a figure that describes my network and original thoughts. The terms, management/API network and data network, come from here

In this network, my question is that

  1. I cannot match the logical networking terms to my physical network. Can you explain a little bit?
  2. What IP addresses should I put on devstack HOST_IP and SERVICE_HOST fields.
  3. And What about devstack FLOATING_RANGE and FIXED_RANGE?

In both nodes devstack, I found that using one of address as HOST_IP and SERVICE_HOST without setting FLOATING and FIXED_RANGE didn't work for creating VM instances in the compute node (HORIZON: no valid host was found error)

I know my question is rough, but I don't have much time to do and people to help me around. So, I will be really happy with any small advice from you.


image description