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Help creating a Heat Template - no Floating IP

Hello guys,

I really need you help on this.

My environment is based on Openstack Liberty and for security reasons (inside company) we cannot use floating IPs. When creating an instance, we need to attach the external interface manually and after to configure the interface with IP from the Horizon console. You can imagine that this is not a very professional way to work with.

Therefore, I want to automatize this and create a Heat template to help us deploy an instance, attach the interface and configure the IP.

!The glance-image is ubuntu.

The steps will be like this: 1. Create a new instance with name,flavor,image,private-net and key-pair 2. Attach a new interface to this instance - this will create eth1 in the instance 3. Configure a static ip and gateway in the instance (eth1). Eth0 is already configured from DHCP because is the private network-ip

One idea of mine is to: 1. Create the instance and add a post deployment script that will create and configure eth1 inside the instance. 2. Attach the port 3. Reboot the VM

Any other ideas? :)