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Can't ping the floating IP of instances when connect eth1 by a switch


I've done the installation and provisioning of Openstack Newton on two nodes (controller and compute). I used the 'vlan' for the network setting.

The physical configuration was: two eth0 ports were connected by an 1G switch; two eth1 ports were directly connected each other. The system worked very well. I created instances and can ping the floating IP of the instances and ping all private IP.

While, in order to extend more compute nodes, a second 1G switch was used to connect the eth1 ports, instead directly connect each other. Then, I can't ping the floating IP of the instances; while I still can ping the IP of virtual routers. Finally when I recovered two eth1 ports were connected each other instead connected by the second switch, the floating IP of instances can be pinged.

My question is how to connect the eth1 ports of controller and many compute nodes? Or, I might select the 'flat' network?

Any suggestion are appreciate!

Thank you very much in advance!