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can't set allocation pools for subnets created from subnet pools

I'm trying to configure a Neutron BGP speaker.

Part of the process involves creating a subnet from a subnet pool, from an address scope. This is the exact command from the docs:

$ neutron subnet-create --name provider --subnetpool provider \
  --prefixlen 24 --allocation-pool start=,end= \
  --gateway provider

The problem is that it returns an error about the --allocation-pool option not being available when creating a subnet from a subnet pool.

Bad subnets request: allocation_pools allowed only for specific subnet requests..

I would love to simply leave the option out. However this is an external/physical network, and VRRP is being used on the routers.

The resulting subnet without the --allocation-pool option would assign the .2 address to some virtual entity when both the .1 and .2 address are used by the physical gateways on that external network.