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VirtutalBox Network Configuration for Openstack Kolla AIO Deployment?

Hi. I'm using virtual box to run a Kolla All-in-one deployment. The deployment fails for some reason and I suspect a problem in network configuration. Here are my details.

Host OS: Ubuntu 16.04
VirtualBox Host Network Config
NAT Network:
Default settings
DHCP Enabled
Host-Only Adapter
IP: Mask:
DHCP Enabled:
Mask: DHCP Lease Range to

Guest OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Interface enp0s3 (NAT) (Enabled at Settings -> Network)
Assigned IP:
Interface enp0s8 (Host-Only) (Enabled at VM settings -> Network)
Static IP: Gateway: OS)

I am able to ping the Host OS, and access internet from the guest OS. But I get problems while deployment Any Corrections to do? Please do suggest corrections or a new correct network configuration for deploying Kolla in Virtual Box.