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DataCenter Organizational Impact of transitioning from Traditional to Cloud Deployment Model


“If” your organization was one that introduced OpenStack into a Traditional DataCenter then shifted from Traditional On-Premise Deployment to a Cloud Computing Deployment model, how did this effect DataCenter organizational structure for cloud and traditional server, storage and network people resources long term?

What I'm looking for is how was your DataCenter organizational structure impacted when you transitioned from Traditional to Cloud Deployment Model.


  1. Our 4 person “DataCenter Cloud Team” was formed to do OpenStack design/implementation. This team also supports our CMP (ScalR) with intention of using ScalR to provision at AWS, Azure and our On-Premise Openstack environments. OpenStack went live in our DataCenter in late 2016.
  2. Our 3 person “DataCenter Automation Team” was formed to focused on automation of OpenStack component installations/rebuilds using Puppet, Foreman, Jenkins, GitLab, etc. tools.
  3. Our DataCenter also has the “Traditional” Server (Physical & Virtual “VmWare/Hyper-V”), Network (LAN/WAN connectivity) and Storage (SAN/NAS/Gluster/CEPH) teams, each with 3-5 people. This org. structure has been in place 15+ years.

Sample organizational impacts after you transitioned from Traditional to Cloud Deployment Model:

  1. Did you disperse support of OpenStack components (Nova, SWIFT & Cinder, Neutron) across the traditional Server, Storage and Network teams OR did you keep OpenStack Component Support all together in 1 “Cloud” team?
  2. Did you re-train existing “Legacy” people to support OpenStack? Ex. Train “Legacy” server, storage or network team members on automation tools, OpenStack design/support
  3. Did you combine Automation (Puppet, Foreman,Jenkins, GitLab) experts with OpenStack design/implementation/support experts into one “Cloud” team OR are those skills dispersed across traditional Server, Storage and Network teams ?
  4. If your organization uses a CMP (ScalR, CliqR, RightScale, etc.) to deploy across multiple clouds, do you have a team dedicated to support the CMP and its integration with the various clouds it deploys to?