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From Storage Engineer to Openstack Developer/Engineer

I am 2016 Computer Engineering graduate from India currently working as software engineer in India. I am working as a support/escalation engineer for openstack related software. I am part of the team that supports technologies other than openstack(so no direct engagement on openstack) for the product that i am supporting. It is not very satisfying duties/responsibility that I perform at my work however I love the openstack part which I am not part of. I have job opportunity as Storage Engineer(System Administrator) in Japan with 10 times the salary I have here at India. I might be able to gets my hands dirty on OpenStack for this role too but I am concerned of what future might hold for me on this job responsibiliy. Can anyone please guide me whether I will be able to use/develop this technology on the basis of the work experience i will be gathering as a storage Engineer. Also what are futuristic career opportunities for a Storage Engineer? Will this experience of mine be useful while in 2030 and what role I might be playing in the Software Indurstry? Will Storage Engineer/related positions be demanding in future? I am a lot confused any guidance will be very useful.