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"Error: Unable to retrieve instances" through horizon dashboard on latest stable/newton and master branch

Hi All,

Iam Using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for the installing devstack(master and stable/newton branch). Devstack is installing successfully But Iam seeing issues on horizon dashboard where it gives "Error: Unable to retrieve" on checking for instances, Key_pair, flavors.

I am creating my setup on devstacck using yaml HOT templates and I dont see any issue with command line output. I am able to see the instances created using nova commands and Iam able to access the instances using ssh without any issue. But i dont see any values for (instances, keypairs, flavors) for the same on Horizon dashboard.

Just wanted to know what is the issue here with Devstack(master and stable/newton branch) on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS OS. Is Devstack compatible with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or I need to use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS for my devstack installation. Please let me know If anything Iam missing here.

Thanks in Advance -Suresh