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multiple possible networks found


I'm using rally tool to benchmark our openstack cloud. Openstack is being setup using the packstack scripts on a VM.

Few of the nova scenarios are failing with : "BadRequest: Multiple possible networks found, use a Network ID to be more specific. (HTTP 400)"

I have specified the networks parameter with start_cidr option and nics - netid option in the json file. The test scenario fails in both the cases.

example json file:

{ "NovaServers.boot_and_rebuild_server": [ { "args": { "flavor": { "name": "m1.small" }, "from_image": { "name": "cirros" }, "to_image": { "name": "RHEL" } }, "runner": { "type": "constant", "times": 5, "concurrency": 3 }, "context": { "users": { "tenants": 1, "users_per_tenant": 1 }, "network": { "start_cidr": "", "networks_per_tenant": 1 } } } ] }

Few of the scenarios works well with networks- start_cidr option. Few of the scenarios works well with "auto_assign_nic" option.

Few of the scenarios doesnt work with either of the options.

Can some one please guide me on how to resolve the issue.

Regards, Rajeev