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OpenStack Juno Network problem

Hi, I used OpenStack version Juno. I have the problem with the network. I created tenant which have a three windows machines. There is the IP addressing of the network:

  • Default gateway:
  • Windows machine 1:
  • Windows machine 2:
  • Windows machine 3:

All these machines are assigned floating IPs. I can't ping any outside IPs but I can ping machines inside of the network. For example, from Windows machine 1 I can't ping google, but I can ping Windows machine 2 or 3. If I ping default gateway which has IP I get "Unreachable" reply. The same problem I have with RDP. When I want to connect to the one of this machine with RDP from the outside network It fail. But when I go on one of this machine with console and then use RDP to connect to the another machine It works fine (for example RDP from Windows machine 1 to the Windows machine 2 or 3 works fine).

So obviously I have problem with the neutron network. I can't access to the internet and machines are not accessible from the internet.

Has anyone idea what is reason for this problem? How can I trubleshooting this problem with the network? I'm a begginer if we are talking about OpenStack so any help is welcome.