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Neutron Internet conenctivity

Hi I have questions about how to configure the provider network so that my instances can connect to my WIFI AP internet connection.

I'am running Openstack:Mitaka.

3 Nodes@Ubuntu All of them are Laptops

  1. Compute Node eth0@ & wlan0@DHCP
  2. BlockStorage Node eth@ & wlan0@DHCP
  3. Controller eth0@ & wlan0@DHCP

Management network with switch Wifi AP gw Public IP is dynamically assigned from my ISP : 197.2.xx.xx

I have 4 Cirros running instances pinging each-other through

I have a vRouter routing traffic to my "provider" network.

  • Q1 :I can't ping from any instance to any physical node. neither IN or OUT. Any Solution ?
  • Q2 : How should I configure my infrastructure so that my instances can connect to the Internet ?