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Question regarding br-ex and routes on RHEL

We have a situation that's becoming very frustrating for us. Briefly, We have Openstack configured to use br-ex on the controller node as an exit point for internet bound traffic. The network br-ex ( is on is able to access the internet directly. This is the default route on these machines.

The controller and compute nodes all have other network interfaces (130.x.x.x). These are the IP's that the components of openstack use to talk to each other. No internet access through the 130 network.

This all pretty much seemed OK until our application team decided that the Openstack instances needed to talk to the 130.x.x.x IP's in use by openstack for openstack communication. The 192.168.x.x network has no ability to get to the 130.x.x.x network (by policy).

So, how can we make traffic exiting from Openstack instances through br-ex get to the 130.x.x.x IP's? Basically we need to add a route for traffic leaving br-ex to go to the 130.x.x.x interface. We're stumped on how to do this.

I apologize for how vague this is. I can't even get to these machines to provide code snippets as they are on a customer network that we only sporadically have access to.

Any help appreciated,