transport_url and ha rabbitmq cluster [closed]

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In (ha-guide) it is said that the proper way of using ha rabbitmq cluster is to set rabbit_hosts and other rabbit_* options. But in config references and in config`s comments it is said that

# DEPRECATED: RabbitMQ HA cluster host:port pairs. (list value)
# Deprecated group;name - DEFAULT;rabbit_hosts
# This option is deprecated for removal.
# Its value may be silently ignored in the future.
# Reason: Replaced by DEFAULT;transport_url

As you can see the rabbit_hosts option is still usable but deprecated. And transport_url options should be used instead. But according to url standard I can specify one host in url only. So, the question. How to configure openstack services to use ha rabbitmq cluster and not to use deprecated config options at the same time?

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Duplicate posting

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If it's a duplicate question, please show us the question that answer this one, not close it and make it like a well state :/

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