Should not be version of identity API set in catalog list?

asked 2016-12-05 06:58:12 -0600

jbouska gravatar image

I have a running OS instance. When I call openstack catalog list command I get

| keystone    | identity       | RegionOne                                                               
|             |                |   admin:                          
|             |                | RegionOne                                                                      
|             |                |   public:                                    
|             |                | RegionOne                                                                      
|             |                |   internal:

But If I use URI from this table I get response with status code 404. example: curl --header "X-Auth-Token: TOKEN"

To make this feature work I have to use following command: curl --header "X-Auth-Token: TOKEN"

Should not be the API version in service catalog included or I have to append this version to URI from the service catalog?

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