After migration data loss

asked 2016-11-30 07:49:03 -0500

Hi A strange thing occurred to me. I wanted to evacuate one compute node which was still homing 3 instances. 2 instances migrated seamingless, but with the third somesthing strange happend:

Instead of containing all the data and installation of the old instance, it was like a fresh provisioning of the image in use. Keys were set newly, none of my installation or network configurations was existing anymore.

Fortunately the old "disk" image still existed on the former host, so I was able to transfer all data manually to the new host.

Only log entry for this instance I don't really understand is: During sync_power_state the instance has a pending task (resize_finish). Skip. There is no debug or error entry so far, not on the old, nor the new host.

I'm running kilo.

Any hints would be highly appreciated.

Cheers Frank

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