Q-in-Q for Private Tenant Networks

asked 2016-11-29 00:01:58 -0500

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In our environment, networking devices is managed by other authority. It will disturb that authority to associate new vlan to such ports everytime I add new private tenant networks if we use just vlan type of networking. I know it can be solved by using VXLAN with OVS. But, instead of using tunneled trafiic of VXLAN, I'm thinking to use Q-in-Q (802.11ad) on private tenant networks. Since the private tenant networks network will not go out to external (DC LAN) network, the idea is still using vlan type of networking but attached to VLAN subinterface, for example eth0.100 , for private tenant interface. I hope by this way, the networking device will always see private tenant networks traffic as VLAN 100 traffic as VLAN 100 is outer VLAN ID in Q-in-Q point of view. The real private tenant networks VLAN ID will be inner VLAN ID in this case. But with this way, every broadcast will go to all ports associated with VLAN 100 which are ports connected to all nova compute nodes and only selected inner VLAN ID traffic will go to coresponding VMs. By this way, I hope to get flexibility managing private tenant networks without bothering other authority anymore. Is this possible to do? Any consideration to be concerned in comparing with VXLAN solution?

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