Why openstack packstack is not using ansible?

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Hello dear members,

Considering the simplicity and power of ansible, I was wondering why openstack packstack is still clinging onto puppet? Ansible is simple and works like a charm just like, executing a shell script to or from remote machine(s). Always used to feel like SCM tools should follow the simple shell script way of executing things rather than asking to learn their own language. So would packstack be rolling an ansible deployment anytime sooner? I am aware of openstack Ansible but just want to check about the future of openstack packstack as the RDO is quite often tried by the beginners as well.

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answered 2016-11-29 03:00:56 -0600

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Packstack development started before Ansible was widespread, so it solved the orchestration issue using its own code rather than an external tool. Today, it would make sense to refactor its code to use Ansible, although it is a non-trivial effort and it would depend on resource availability and community involvement.


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