OVS failed port after live migration

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Hi Team, I'm using Mitaka cluster driver for Hyper-V with OVS 2.5 Windows port. When I perform live migration, an instance loses network connection but succesfully goes to another hosts. There was a bug in Liberty where ovs port had not been migrated to target hosts but now it is seems to be okay, ovs port is on target host but adds with errors.

vswitchd.log (migration time) https://paste.ubuntu.com/23510786/

nova-compute.log (migration time) https://paste.ubuntu.com/23510782/

nova.conf https://paste.ubuntu.com/23510815/

neutron-ovs-agent.conf https://paste.ubuntu.com/23510816/

If I execute the command (ovs-vsctl --timeout=120 -- --if-exists del-port 4b26fd63-e779-49c9-b419-ac2c53ef8c9a ....) logged in nova manually then I get network connection even without restarting the services.

I've also logged OVS debug rpc (another migration) and it contains "protocols":"OpenFlow10","datapath_version":"<unknown>"}

2016-11-21T13:10:55.017Z|04642|netdevwindows|DBG|construct device 4b26fd63-e779-49c9-b419-ac2c53ef8c9a, ovstype: 0. 2016-11-21T13:10:55.017Z|04643|dpif|WARN|system@ovs-system: failed to add 4b26fd63-e779-49c9-b419-ac2c53ef8c9a as port: Invalid argument

Another try:

2016-11-21T12:48:21.789Z|00444|dpif|DBG|system@ovs-system: device br-tun is on port 5 2016-11-21T12:48:21.789Z|00445|netlinksocket|DBG|received NAK error=0 (No such device) 2016-11-21T12:48:21.789Z|00446|netdevwindows|DBG|construct device 4b26fd63-e779-49c9-b419-ac2c53ef8c9a, ovstype: 0. 2016-11-21T12:48:21.789Z|00447|netlinksocket|DBG|received NAK error=0 (No such device) 2016-11-21T12:48:21.789Z|00448|netlink_socket|DBG|received NAK error=0 (Invalid argument) 2016-11-21T12:48:21.789Z|00449|dpif|WARN|system@ovs-system: failed to add 4b26fd63-e779-49c9-b419-ac2c53ef8c9a as port: Invalid argument


Please, help to investigate it.

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