'server create' using a volume

asked 2016-11-21 13:25:32 -0600

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I can create a server using:

openstack server create --flavor m1.large --image debian-cloud-8.6.2 --nic net-id=NETID \
  --security-group default --user-data dev.cloud-init \

And that all works great. But I want to try using an SSD volume instead.

Near as I can tell I can't do this in one step; I need to create the volume then launch it:

$ openstack volume create --size 80 --image c16aae23-edc6-4809-a74d-6b123135f622 --type lvm-ssd debian-dev-test
(works OK)

But launching fails:

openstack server create --flavor m1.large --nic net-id=NETID \
  --security-group default --volume debian-dev-test --user-data dev.cloud-init \

Invalid input for field/attribute 0. Value: {u'device_name': u'vda', u'source_type': u'volume', u'boot_index': 0, u'uuid': u'5ad0db63-db7b-494d-87a3-668ac5d7bc51', u'volume_id': u'5ad0db63-db7b-494d-87a3-668ac5d7bc51'}. Additional properties are not allowed (u'source_type', u'boot_index', u'uuid' were unexpected) (HTTP 400) (Request-ID: req-48a018ba-feaa-42d3-bc53-c40fa26550d7)

I've got no idea what to do here - there aren't any apparent errors in the controller logs either. How do I fix this?

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