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Gnocchi and Cinder Backup Events

asked 2016-11-20 17:08:18 -0600

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I've been configuring my enviorment to use gnocchi as the storage backend (or the dispatcher), took a while but after some digging everything seems to be working fine with one exception.

I cannot find how to check the events stored in gnnochi (As I would do in Ceilometer with "ceilometer event list".

Also, I'm trying to realize how to see the backup event notifications that cinder -using swift backup driver- sends to ceilometer. As I've said, if using MongoDB as the storage of ceilometer I could see them just using "ceilometer event list" command, but with gnocchi I'm not able to see them.

Is there anything I'm missing?


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answered 2017-02-16 23:31:37 -0600


Not sure if you still need an answer but I just struggled with the same. It seems events are now handled by Panko (at least since Newton) or any other backend different than Gnocchi. Previously, both metering and events were being handled by mongoDB with a single connection entry. Now you have two different connection entries and dispatchers.

Anyway, you can still use any other database, for example mongodb, to keep storing events. You also need to fill the "event_connection" parameter with the connection string of the DB that will hold the events tables.

By the way, if you have any feedback for my question here, I would really appreciate it:


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Yeah, I realized about that. Panki handles the events in Newton, but as we are running Mitaka I was unsure if the events would be stored in Gnocchi or MongoDB, now after some time it makes a lot more sense and the events as far as I know in Mitaka are still stored in MongoDB (If configured so)

xtrilla gravatar imagextrilla ( 2017-02-17 07:58:53 -0600 )edit

answered 2016-11-21 15:58:01 -0600

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We'll after digging out it looks like gnocchi doesn't support events, and they should be stored in ceilometer db. And that's why in Mitaka there is a configuration value for meters and another one for metrics.

So if I understand it, the correct configuration would be:

meter_dispatchers = gnocchi event_dispatchers = database

Could anybody correct me if I'm wrong?


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