Fuel 9 setup network issue

asked 2016-11-18 15:34:28 -0600

cb92 gravatar image

Please help me with this issue if you can as I've been stuck for the past two weeks. I'm installing Fuel on a node that has internet access via eth1 (eth1 is associated with a static valid IP (128.174....). There is no DHCP set on eth0 and its IP is static too. The machine has only these two NICs, so I had to give one NIC internet access so it can download packages for installation.

Now the installation gives two warnings: first, "DHCP found on eth0" and also when I change to eth1 "DHCP found on eth1" and second "DNS failure warning: Unable to resolve google.com". I can't understand the reason for either of the errors, because I have internet access through eth1 (It downloaded installation packages through that) and second, I don't have DHCP set on eth0 (for all I know). How can I resolve the problem? How can I check if there is any DHCP set and if so disable it?

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