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Networking Configuration

asked 2016-11-17 11:02:29 -0500

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Looking at how to create networks for a single tenant that repeat the vlans.

create switch2 assocaite to NIC2 and assign vlans 200 -220 switch3 associate to nic3 and assign vlans 200 - 220 switch4 associate to nic4 and assign vlans 200 – 220

through about nic 9 or 10 (We populate with 3 – 4 port nic in the hypervisor)

Then we create Instances and associate them to the switch we need for them;. Basically each nic is cabled to a Test cluster and all Test clusters have the same vLANs on them.

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answered 2016-11-18 01:24:41 -0500

kevinbenton gravatar image

It's not clear to me from your question if vlan 200 on switch3 is the same as vlan 200 on switch4. I'm assuming they are not the same (i.e. no connectivity between the switches on vlan 200) for this answer.

For each unique "vlan domain", you'll want to define a different 'physnet' in Neutron terms. VLANs are scoped to physnets so you'll be able to use VLAN 200 for multiple tenant networks (as long as each is a different physnet).

Assuming the vlans are scoped to a specific switch, then naming the physnet after the switch would probably make sense.

So under your ml2 configuration file, look for the section titled 'ml2_type_vlan' and adjust the 'network_vlan_ranges' value to add in your vlan ranges for each physnet.

network_vlan_ranges = switch2:200:220,switch3:200:220

Then on each compute node's openvswitch agent config, you map bridges to physnets.

bridge_mappings = switch2:br-switch2,switch3:br-switch3

Then add the interfaces that go to switch2 into an OVS bridge named br-switch2 and the interfaces for switch3 into br-switch3.

Now when you create a tenant network, you can specify the physnet and segmentation ID it should use.

neutron net-create switch2-testnet --provider:physical_network switch2 --provider:network_type vlan --provider:segmentation_id 210

The above command will create a neutron network on the switch2 physnet using vlan tag 210. Now whenever a VM is booted to that network, the OVS agent will wire up the VM port to send traffic out the bridge that maps to physnet 'switch2' (in this case br-switch2), with the VLAN tag 210.

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