How can I create multi-region using packstack? [closed]

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I have deploy multi-region environment but I am getting two keystone endpoint with different ip addresses and 151. The entire database is in master controller node and 2nd controller node has openstack-dashboard configuration file as well. My main concern is to deploy separate database for each controller node and sing keystone service.

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hi @mkhan - are you still running into this issue? if so, please leave a comment with any solutions you've tried as well as any relevant logs. thanks!

mary_grace gravatar imagemary_grace ( 2017-12-15 20:11:39 -0600 )edit

@mkhan - Given that no one's answered this and you haven't followed up with any additional questions or information, I'm closing it out. However, if you're still having trouble, please don't hesitate to open another question!

mary_grace gravatar imagemary_grace ( 2018-01-26 20:34:12 -0600 )edit