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Hello all,

I have successfully installed Mitaka release of OpenStack on Ubuntu 14.04 OS in distributed environment. I have a compute node of 24 cores and I am trying to launch a STACK of around 45 VMs. I have an impression that by default there is 16:1 cpu over-provisioning enabled but I am unable to launch 45 VMs.

Getting this error: "no valid host was found. there are not enough hosts available. code 500" and few VMs fail to start.

Please guide me if my assumption of a 16:1 cpu_allocation_ratio is correct or I need to explicitly configure it in nova.conf Also, how can I check what is current setting for Mitaka.

Any links that explain this concept in more detail will be highly appreciated.

Regards AB

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Yes, it's 16 by default, and it can be configured. See http://docs.openstack.org/newton/conf.... To find out which filter removed your node when scheduling, switch on DEBUG logging, run the test again and see the filter messages in the nova-scheduler.log.

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