Block the image transmission from Glance to Nova-Compute?

asked 2016-11-14 23:08:11 -0600

I currently need a special control over the image transmission process in OpenStack, for example:

4 instance of a specific image IMG-A should be launched on nova-compute hosts,, and; Normally the 4 nova-compute hosts should request Glance for the image file, but but my Glance server is far away from my Nova-Compute cluster and the network condition between Glance server and Nova-Comouter is not very well, so I need a better control over the image transmission process. The question is: where can I get the information of the 4 nova-computer nodes will request a certain image from glance?

And also, is it possible to add some probes in Nova-Conductor? because according to OpenStack Doc, all instance creation actions should go through Nova-Conductor, is that true?

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