Attach or Detach volume from shelved_offloaded instance fails in Mitaka

asked 2016-11-14 15:33:51 -0500

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As far as I understand -I mean it's clearly specified in the release notes- in Mitaka it should be possible to attach or detach volumes from/to a unshelved_offloaded instance, but when I try to nova volume-attach or nova volume-detach I only get a 409 error.

I don't get any error or exception in the logs, just this 409 message:

ERROR (Conflict): Cannot 'detach_volume' instance aa058795-56dc-4336-9f12-14dce8920f64 while it is in vm_state shelved_offloaded (HTTP 409) (Request-ID: req-d8bede47-a691-40b2-b34c-4c44445ab346)

Which is the one I'm not supposed to get anymore in Mitaka.

My only idea so far is that this could be related with the instance using a boot volume (It doesn't have ephemeral storage) but I'm not trying to attach or detach the boot volume, just a normal one. And if the instance is running or stopped I can attach or detach volumes without any problems.

Does anybody have an idea why this is happening? I been checking logs but I don't seem to be able to find any clue...


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answered 2016-11-14 17:24:05 -0500

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Looks like the issue was related with the API version. As this test enviorment has been upgraded from older releases the API endpoint wasn't configured to use v2.1. Once removed the old v2 endpoint and created a new v2.1 endpoint it seems to be working fine.

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