Cannot detach or attach volumes to shelved_offloaded instance [closed]

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As far as I understand -I mean it's clearly specified in the release notes- in Mitaka it should be possible to attach or detach volumes from/to a unshelved_offloaded instance, but when I try to nova volume-attach or nova volume-detach I only get a 409 error.

I don't get any error or exception in the logs, just this 409 message:

ERROR (Conflict): Cannot 'detach_volume' instance aa058795-56dc-4336-9f12-14dce8920f64 while it is in vm_state shelved_offloaded (HTTP 409) (Request-ID: req-d8bede47-a691-40b2-b34c-4c44445ab346)

Which is the one I'm not supposed to get anymore in Mitaka.

My only idea so far is that this could be related with the instance using a boot volume (It doesn't have ephemeral storage) but I'm not trying to attach or detach the boot volume, just a normal one. And if the instance is running or stopped I can attach or detach volumes without any problems.

Does anybody have an idea why this is happening? I been checking logs but I don't seem to be able to find any clue...


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