ICMP packet flooding on Openstack

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Hello everyone,

I have a three node Openstack setup. Openstack version: Kilo

OpenStack is integrated with Opendaylight controller. ODL version: Lithium SR4

After integration, the connectivity was fine and there were no issues. But when multiple networks and routers get created, and after creation of multiple instances, there are quite a few issues popping up.

  1. From router namespace, unable to ping external network.

  2. While accessing floating IPs, there are multiple duplicate packets flooding.

  3. Internal connectivity between instances is lost.

  4. Instances are getting IP address. DHCP requests from compute tap device are not reaching neutron server.

  5. Multiple warning messages on ovs logs. |WARN|system@ovs-system: lost packet on port channel 24 of handler 4

  6. No flows on br-int bridge. But, on ovs logs we see that flows are getting added / modified once we restart the services. |connmgr|INFO|br-int<->tcp:<ip>:6653: 580 flow_mods in the 2 s starting 10 s ago (580 modifications)

Can anyone please help in resolving the issue?

Thanks, Kirthi

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